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Explore the best vinyl shops in Buenos Aires.

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Explore the best vinyl shops in Buenos Aires. On this tour we will take you to the greatest record stores, where you can find everything from classics to the coolest gems. Let us show you the secret spots and the inspiring characters that come along with them, while discovering the music scene in BA.

We start out by visiting a downtown gallery with two of the most authentic and underground record stores in the city.  Next we head over to the neighborhood of Palermo. There we visit a small, local record shop with an incredible selection of vinyls. The tour finishes at  one of the original record stores in Palermo, recently renovated.  It is situated near an enchanting bar where we can share a glass of wine before enjoying a music show.


Local guide

Glass of wine

#perk: list of the top 10 vinyl shops in the city and hand picked recommendations of local artists and places to visit


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